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Strong electromagnetic
anti-interference ability
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About Sanxun Electronics 
Kunshan Sanxun Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of security product,such as walk through metal detectors,hand held metal detector ,x ray baggage scanner,food metal detector ect. located in Kunshan city, Jiangsu Province(Only 30 km from the port of Shanghai)

Sound and light alarm

The use of a variety of options sound and light alarm, sound adjustable, easy to identify.

Sophisticated counter

The use of sophisticated counter, can accurately count the number of people through the rapid statistics.

Special environmental materials

The door is made of special environmental materials, the surface wear, corrosion resistance, waterproof, moisture and fire,and no deformation.

Installed in just 10 minutes

Turn on the power, self-test. Installed in just 10 minutes. Safe and convenient.

Environmentally friendly

Material is environmentally friendly and does not cause any harm to the general population and to the special population (eg pregnant and heart pacemaker wearers).

Anti-interference ability

strong electromagnetic anti-interference ability



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