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[Product News]Where to install the walk through metal detector door?

Sanxun will attend the 2018 The Eighteenth Shanghai International Counter Terrorism Emergency police Equipment exhibition.


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[Product News]Should shool install the walk through metal detector?

When I began researching the effectiveness of walk-through threshold detectors, I hit several roadblocks. For starters, there aren’t plenty of faculty districts in our region, or our native half-dozen states, with the detectors put in. The second issue is knowledge. there's an amazing lack of number


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[Product News]10 best ways when arranging metal detectors

Following February’s tragic mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman politico highschool in south Everglade State, faculty officers and politicians across the country have hyperbolic faculty security budgets, mistreatment new funds to take a position in new instrumentality and add faculty resource officers


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[Product News]Walk through metal detector door has applied into more and more places

On Wednesday, they trained lecturers and workers on the way to use them."The board determined it'd be within the best interest to form everybody feel more well-off to own metal detectors in every of our faculties,” Dr. Wanko said.There ar already metal detectors at the entrances to the highschool, t


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[Product News]Reasons of Choosing 6 Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector

If you have got discovered rigorously, you'll notice that there square measure several kind and kinds of practice metal detectors around USA. after we end our looking at a market we've to run out of the exit through the practice detector.It is necessary to put in practice security metal detectors pu


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[Product News]Electronic monitoring ankle bracelet which Provides a strong guarantee for Escorting Prisoners

In 2016, Lei Jun, a prisoner in Caidian County, Hubei Province, escaped while he was in Hanyang Hospital. Previously, Lei Jun had repeatedly jailed, serving a felon before fleeing. Someone may say that this is because the law enforcement officers are not doing their job well and will cause the incident. how to solve the problem? click here, sanxun will tell you.


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[Product News]How does airport baggage scanner works?

Given the current state of the world, there are physical checkpoints, baggage scanners and metal detectors almost everywhere. With that in mind, it doesn’t come as a surprise that at airports, some of the busiest hubs for transportation, security is getting tighter by the day.


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[Product News]Electronic waist watch system oriented to management and control of community correction personnel

Community Correction System is specifically customized for the judicial community correction work by SANXUN , is a comprehensive service platform which provide effective management of community corrections. The system is based on an electronic wrist strap, Conduct effective and timely monitoring of the position, trajectory, and activity area of community correction personnel, combined with the actual day-to-day work of the judicial system, business logic, information integration and processing, to achieve ease of use, the effect is intuitive, effective management, powerful purpose.


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[Product News]X-ray baggage scanner for checking at NAJI course and CHANGZHOU theater

Hot News! Congratulations to SANXUN Electronics which won the bid and won cooperation with ANJI court and CHANGZHOU theater, and our high quality walk-through metal detector and X-ray baggage scanner won high praise from our customers. X-ray baggage scanner is our new products, why could they win high praise from customer, and how does it work? come and click here to learn more.


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[Product News]What you need to know:A Walk-through Metal Detector for Checking Mobile Phone

As we know, walk-through metal detector are usually used in airport, schools, CourthouseLarge Stadium/Facility, Subway Station, Train Station, Government departments and so on to check illicit items such as weapons, explosives, and miscellaneous contraband. However, do you know that walk through metal detector can check mobile phone except for keys, the belt buckle and other metal objects.


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[Product News]Guide to choose a better metal detector

What is a metal detector?A metal detector is an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metal nearby. Metal detectors are useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects, or metal objects buried underground. They often consist of a hand-held unit with a sensor probe which can b


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[Product News]From kids to teens, metal detectors make the perfect gift idea for child of all ages

Holiday gifts for kids are plentiful, but which one is the best for the special kids on your shopping list? Which each of them will have their own preferences, one of the best holiday gifts for kids today is a metal detector. Metal detector may not be the first gift a child would ask for, however, i


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