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How to install a walk through metal detector door?

How to install a walk through metal detector door?

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Walk through metal detector door installation is a skillful job, for most users of door frame metal detector, it can be done follow the guidlines which the security detector door manufacturer offered.

But even you can get the door frame detector installed well, there are still some points can help you.

First you need a kit of tools as below:

Host box 1 set

Left probe door plate 1

Right probe door plate 1

Power line 1

8 sets of screws

Allen wrench 1

Second, Install security door

A. Unpack the carton and remove the walk through metal detector from the package. 

B. Place the secutiry door display panel of the main unit upwards. After you place the main unit, open the lower panel of the main unit and fix the left and right door panels and the main unit box with screws. 

C. Plug the signal cable into the signal cable connector and lock the main box. 

D. Lift them up to horizontal after fixed all the objects, then turn on the power and enter the power-on self-test status.

Third: adjust the remote control

After walk through metal detector is installed, the sensitivity of the security door can be adjusted. Some walk through security metal detectors manufacturers can adjust the sensitivity to help the product at the factory. if you are not sure about this, you can contact your security door supplier.

1. LCD display: This is a visual screen menu operation,  we can control  remotely to operate the display on the screen by buttons

2. Signal Strength Indicator: It is used to indicate the strength indicator of the metal. When the signal is very strong, the indicator lamp will shine more from left to right and vice versa. 

3. Key: The function is the same as the key function on the remote control. You can take key operation as reference to the description on the remote control. 

4. Remote control receiving outlet: This is an infrared receiving signal station. When we use the remote control, we must face the infrared light on the remote control with this receiving window. Then the signal sent by us using the remote control can be received.

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