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Metal Detecting Tips for Beginners: Learning How to Find Treasure!

Metal Detecting Tips for Beginners: Learning How to Find Treasure!

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Knowing how to use the metal detector will help you detect and discriminate between metals in the ground that are valuable or not. Metal detectors are a great help to treasure hunters because they are like the GPS on a car. They will help you get to your destination but you still have to park the car, meaning that once the detector alerts you to a metal, you still have to dig it up. In order to find treasure, the user must be able to use the detector's capabilities along with his or her own skills. Metal detecting hobbyists should know about the different types of metal detectors, the various activities in metal detecting, and how to use the equipment to their advantage.

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Overview of Metal Detectors

Metal detectors use various mechanical, magnetic, and electrical processes to locate metal in locations far underground or very near the surface. The past one hundred years saw numerous advancements to the technology, and modern metal detectors include computing technology to analyze data. Older detectors had problems with false positive alerts because they could not distinguish between mineral deposits and rings, jewelry, and coins. Modern metal detectors are very good at helping the user determine if he or she may have found a valuable object or just an iron ore rock.

Hobbyists around the world enjoy this pursuit as it is conducted in the great outdoors and promises the thrill of buried treasure. People use their detectors on their own or join clubs to share the hobby. They learn, share knowledge with others, and display their finds. People use a variety of different machines and accessories and participate in several different types of activities. Hobbyists should know about some of the different types of metal detectors and the various types of pursuits and activities that are common using metal detectors.

Types of Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are designed differently because no detector can do every job. Every situation is different, so it pays to understand the differences in the machines in order to choose the right one and use it correctly. Detectors are either handheld or ground searchers. A new and upcoming variety is the foot detector.

Ground Search

The underground deep search gold metal detector is a long rod with a coil at the bottom and a control panel and grip at the top. It has features like the ground balance that prevents false signals caused by minerals in the soil. The detector discriminates between ferrous and non-ferrous metals, establishes types of non-ferrous metals, and uses an intelligent operating system to aid the user in analyzing conditions.

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To search an area above the ground or to search a person, hand held gold metal detector are used to locate a metal object by indicating an approximate height or value. They can also be used to find metal on the ground. They are called pinpointers or pointers and are small rods with a handgrip.

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Foot Wear

Foot detectors are wearable devices with straps. It operates as the user walks and can detect up to four inches in grass, sand, and dirt. The benefits of this style are that they can sometimes be used as a pointer and they are unobtrusive; they can detect metal anywhere you walk.

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