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SANXUN Metal Detectors for Security at Kun theater

SANXUN Metal Detectors for Security at Kun theater

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Kun theater is the eighth Kunqu opera professional theater in China which was set up in Kunshan culture and art center on 12th, Oct 2012. The theatre is located in the comprehensive building of Kunshan grand theater, in the center of Kunshan city with a room over 15,000 square meters, including the Kunqu opera theatre and Kunqu cultural display space. Kunqu performance is closely inter-related with the performance of many other styles of Chinese musical theatre, including Jingju (Peking Opera), which contains much Kunqu repertoire. Below is a scene of Kunqu performance.What a beautiful scene!


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A few days ago, Kun theater director made a call to us and applied for ordering two sets of walk through metal detectors and luggage detectors without any hesitation, thanks for your trust and SANXUN detectors wouldn't let you down based on the high quality with easier operation and best before and after- sells service.

The Walk Through Door Frame Metal Detector ordered by Kun theater director is the basic model in this series and is characterized by being extremely easy to setup and operate, and by high levels of reliability and immunity to interference from external electromagnetic sources. Each unit will come with a detailed manual and instructional setup video. Based on the level of sensitivity that you choose, the detector can be adjusted to locate various targets. We think that it is a good investment for you. And Kun theater is keeping in order with our security Multi zone Walk through metal detector gate.


Blows are some features/Benefits:

  • DSP and microprocessor controlled

  • The sensitivity of each zone can be adjusted from 0 to 199(200 levels in total)separately.

  • Have several kinds of alarm modes for the customer . And each zone can be alarmed by LED light and sound.

  • Can only be operated by the authorized person who has a password.

  • Harmless to people and person such as pregnant women, persons with pacemaker etc, and floppy disk, tapes and other magnetic material.

  • Comply with General Specification For Walk-through Metal Detector(GB15210-2003), and pass the quality test of The Ministry of Public security of PRC.


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For over 12years, SANXUN has provided high-quality threat detection solutions for security and ground search applications such as Walk through and Hand held metal detectors, Food grade metal detector and ground search metal detectors for military and humanitarian use, such as the underground gold scanner. SANXUN metal detectors are deployed at airports, distribution centers, federal buildings, sports facilities and military bases throughout the world.

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Tel: 0086-0512-36807196
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