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Security door has radiation? does radiation damage our health?

Security door has radiation? does radiation damage our health?

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Different regions have different name for walk through metal detector door, and to make detection effect be as well as prospected, 6-24 zones walk through metal detector door can satisfy many demands, Walk Through Detectors for Schools, Courthouse Metal Detectors, Loss Prevention Metal Detectors, Airport Metal Detectors. Everyone of us has had such an experience that we need to pass security detector door  at airports, subway stations, train stations and bus stations.  Doesecurity equipment radiation have effect or not on our health in the end ? Abdominal fetus in pregnant women will not be affected by the radiation of security equipment? And there are still several questons?

What are the security devices we often encounter?

1, hand-held metal detector. Security staff is holding it in the hand, swept up and down around our body.

2, security door. The security gate we walked through was actually a metal detector, not an X-ray device, so we did not have to worry about radiation when we passed the security gate.

3, security machine. That is, our luggage through the security screening equipment, security inspection machine is a channel X-ray machine, it will produce a dose of X-ray work.

Is security equipment radiation terrible?

Security screening machine is a device to detect items, various types, the most common channel X-ray machine. It is through the line scan mode of work, items through the security inspection machine to obtain X-ray images, images and then processed by the computer, the computer screen to display identifiable images. This is similar to the hospital X-ray examination, the difference is that the security check machine X money dose is much lower than the medical X-ray equipment, the tube current is 0.4 ~ 1.2mA.

According to the security door frame detector  manufacturers introduced: Internal security ray detector is the basic direct radiation, all sealed in the security apparatus. Radiation there is a very small amount of scattering, but the import and export of security screens can basically block the lead curtain, together with the internal walls of the security device for all thick lead wall, as long as the lead curtain is not lifted a substantial, security detector around the test No radiation. Only when the baggage passes, it will be instantly energized, generating a ray.

Therefore, the security inspection machine must have a certain dose of X-ray work, but the body does not enter, it will not be exposed to the rays. The key issue is whether there is any radiation leak around the security inspection machine. If there is any leakage, it may have some impact on the staff who have been in long-term contact with the passenger, but the impact on passersby is not significant. In general, a certified safety inspection machine should be safe with a standard leakage dose of 0.05 μGy / h (1 Gy approximately equivalent to 1000 mSv or 1Sv), which is close to the natural radioactive background.

Are Security staff and pregnant women safe?

It is reported that Shenzhen Nuclear Radiation Management Center staff have done testing, the side of the machine from the security inspection machine surface 5 ~ 10cm Department, staff with hand-held instrument to detect the data is 0.1μSv / h to 0.2μSv / h, This figure is about the same as the value measured in the natural environment. This means that there is essentially no radiation leakage on the side of the machine. Staff again put the detector into the machine's luggage entrance about 10cm, measured here slightly higher values for 0.7μSv / h to 0.8μSv / h.


Security inspection crew concluded that the maximum amount of radiation leakage of the security check-in baggage port is the largest and the farther away from the security inspection machine, the smaller the amount of radiation leakage. According to China's "basic standards for ionizing radiation protection and safety of radiation sources," the provisions of the public by artificial radiation dose can not exceed 1mSv a year. According to the calculation, a person standing security inspection machine entrances and exits about 10cm 52 days do not move to reach this amount. The professional staff, the national average annual dose of not more than 20mSv, staff to stay for 2.85 years to reach this amount.

Medical X-rays do not have to be overly alarmed?

Since the X-ray dose of medical X-ray equipment is much higher than the safety inspection machine, is there any danger of the medical examination being radiated? In fact, radiation on the human body is affected, depending on the amount of radiation once, by the total radiation, the radiation time, as well as the body's regulatory function of these radiation.

Ordinary people are most exposed to medical radiation, it is because of the need for diagnosis and treatment. Medical radiation has a basic principle of radiation: exposure to radiation, optimization and personal dose limits. That is, the patient needs to be examined and treated for the purpose of examination and treatment of radiation, radiation therapy is the selection of the most superior technology and equipment, the hospital radiologists are "ray" professionals to ensure that patients with certain restrictions on the safety Within the scope of accepting a small amount of radiation, so patients do not need to have this psychological burden.

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