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Airport X-Ray Baggage Security Scanner

Airport X-Ray Baggage Security Scanner

X ray baggage scanner is capable of connecting to LAN, printer, printer and support multi-terminal check for baggage at same time. And protective cover on lead curtain to avoid lead pollution.



Code: VTS100100


Product Description

Large Size Airport X – ray Baggage Scanner VTS-100100


  1. Network interface: Capable of connecting to LAN, printer, printer and support multi-terminal check for baggage at same time;

  2. Protective cover on lead curtain to avoid lead pollution;

  3. Safety ray: Ray is transmitted under automatic control, avoiding the error;

  4. Eagle eye: Capable of expediently observing the magnifying area;

  5. One-key shutdown control: Just rotate the key to shut down the machine; it is safety, easy and convenient.

Image Processing System

  1. X-ray sensor: L-shaped photodiode array detector (Multi-energy), 24bit depth

  2. Display: High-resolution 19 inch color LCD display

  3. Color quality: 24-Bit real colors based on materials

  4. Edge enhancement: Object contour edge is more distinct

  5. Super image enhancement: Image detail is more distinct

  6. High penetration display: Increase the contrast of bright area in image to make the area that is easy to penetrate appear more clearly

  7. Low penetration display: Increase the contrast of dark area in image to make the area that is difficult to penetrate appear more clearly.

  8. Magnifier: Partial magnifying function

  9. Brightening/dimming: Increase/Decrease brightness of image

  10. Image recurrence: Display all the the previous images and process any one of them

  11. Image restoration: Restore image to initial status

  12. Image storage: Real-time store any image and process it in operation status

  13. Multi-energy: High/low energy: Switch from high energy to low energy

  14. Color material identification: Organic objects in orange, inorganic objects in blue, mixture in green

  15. Assist to detect drug and explosive powder



X-ray Baggage Scanner Specifications

Tunnel Dimension


Outer Dimension

4712mm(L)*1314 mm(W)*1870mm(H)

Conveyor Speed

0.2±0.02 m/s

Conveyor Max Load

270 KGS

Single inspection dosage

< 1.5 μGy

Wire Resolution

0.0101 mm metal line

Steel Penetration

32 mm

Film Safety

For ISO 1600

Leakage radiation

<0.2 µGY/H

X-ray Generator



Tube Current

0.6~1.2 mA(adjustable)

Anode Voltage

100~160 KV(adjustable)




Sealed oil bath with forced air

Duty Cycle

Rated for 100%Duty Cycle


Operating Environment

Work Temp/Humidity

0℃~ +45℃/20%~95% non-condensing

Storage Temp/Humidity

-20℃~ +60℃/20%~95% non-condensing


220VAC(±10%) 50±3 Hz

Power Loss:



< 55 DB




This series could be used in

Government Departments :Police Station,Court ,Prison

Public areas : Such as Airport,railway station

Factories:electronics and hardware manufacturing enterprise

Social events:Exhibition,Sport events, etc.

Company Profile

 Kunshan Sanxun Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of security metal detector, such as walk through metal detectorshand held metal detector , x ray baggage scanner, food metal detectorUnderground Metal Detector ect. located in Kunshan city, Jiangsu Province(Only 30 km from the port of Shanghai). Since the establishment, our factory has built a set of strict quality assurance system and successfully passed ISO9001 certification, CE certification, FCC certification. Our work shop has brought in two advanced automatic security product production lines.Over the past years of efforts, our company has gained great development with more than 20 technicians. 

Upholding the concept of "All Security Imaginations Can Be Created.",we use high-quality materials from USA and Germany and apply advanced.Our brand "Sanxun"was founded in 2005 and during these 12 years, "Sanxun"  is well accepted by customers from both at home and abroad. We have built up great selling network and service organization in dozens of countries and areas around the world, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa. 

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Tel: 0086-0512-36807196
Phone: 0086-18912653120