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Portable Airport Hand Held Explosive Detector

Portable Airport Hand Held Explosive Detector

ETW-360 explosive detector can be used to detect 38 kinds of common explosives including nitro explosives such as TNT and DNT etc. plasticized explosives, emulsion explosives, PW0 explosives and so on and it has the unique advantages in terms of the locally made explosives with the “Asian characteristics”, remedying the defects of products of the same kind in this aspect. 



Code: ETW360


Product Description

ETW-360 explosive detector has high sensitivity and the lower limit of detection reaches ppq (10-15g/mL), reaching the internationally advanced level; The weight is light and the weight of the main engine (including the battery) is only 0.82kg and it can be easily used by one hand; 
The continuously operational capacity is strong and it can 
continuously work for 8 hours after one complete charging;
It has strong adaptability to the environment and it can work normally under the ultra-low temperature condition of 
-40℃ and extremely wet environment with the humidity of 98%.

Compared with products of the same kind at home and abroad, through integrating the wireless sensing network module, ETW-360 first creates the wireless launch alarm mode and the users can conduct the remote wireless monitoring for the equipment through the computer terminal and Bluetooth headset, effectively guaranteeing the personal life of the font-line staff. 


When designing ETW-360, we started from the actual conditions of the users and integrated the friendly design concept of human-computer interaction and highly sensitive detection technology to make ETW-360 have high level of performance detection and to be more easily operated. 


  1. Whether have radioactive source: no

  2. Detectable explosives: 38 kinds of explosives including various military, civilian and locally made explosives

  3. Sampling mode: non-contact gas sampling 

  4. Alarm mode: voice, lighting and wireless long-distance 

  5. Sensitivity: ≤ 10-15 g/mL

  6. Analysis time: <3s

  7. Preheating time: < 1min

  8. False alarm rate: ≤ 1%

  9. Sensing element: have the self-cleaning function and can be used repeatedly 

  10. Display screen: 3.5-inch LCD

  11. Interface: USB

  12. Stored data size: 200,000 pieces 

  13. Weight: 820g

  14. Energy consumption: 3.5 W

  15. Battery capacity: 2,900mAh

  16. Time of endurance: 8 hours

  17. External dimension: 332 mm×90mm×46mm


1. Ultrahigh sensitivity 
The fluorescent conjugated polymer and mono-molecular layer sensing film- this core technology makes ETW-360 detect the explosive molecule with the weight of quadrillionth gram, which means that its sensitivity has reached the most advanced international level. When the field operation is carried out, it is sufficient for ETW-360 to be equal to the well-trained explosive detection dog. 

2. Easy operation 
The operation of ETW-360 is very simple and easy and you can master the operation method after the training practice for 3 to 5 hours and put it into the actual application. In addition, the dismountable design makes it much easier to replace the sensing element and battery and no any other dedicated tools are needed for replacement. 

3. Light weight 
The usability is the core consideration factor during the design process of this product. We use the dedicated mono-molecular fluorescent film, integrate the tailor-made weak optical signal detection circuit and add the light three-proofing molded plastic shell, thus the weight of ETW-360 is only 820g, which is equivalent to the weight of two bottles of standard spring water. 

4. ETW-360 Explosive detector Performance
Good performance under the low temperature environment; 
The locally made explosives can be detected; 
Integrate the wireless sensing network module and first create the wireless launch alarm mode. 

5. Domestic products of the same kind Performance
The detection is limited under the low temperature environment; 
For the locally made explosives in China, the detection speed and sensitivity cannot meet the relevant requirement

6. Detector series based on the ion mobility spectrometry Performance
The equipment is heavy and its operation is complex; 
The start-up time is long; 
Low sensitivity (10-12); 
Have source of radiation. 



1. Public Security 
Applicable places: security check for the large performance activities at the airport, high-speed rail, passenger terminals, gym and so on
Conditions of the stream of people and logistics: high flow rate
Threat source: personal body and explosives which can be carried with people or those in the registered luggage
Check mode: batch of check, batch of release and conduct the detection using the sampling paper. 

2. Checkpoint Ports 
Applicable places: frontier checkpoint and customs port 
Threat source: explosives which are put in the truck, container and small vehicles. 
Check mode: check the vehicles one by one and conduct sampling at the handle, vehicle steering wheel and cargo packing sealing position 

3. Deployment in the Important Places 
Applicable places: important facilities and places 
Threat source: a little of explosives hidden in the electronic instrument, laptop, electric office appliances and so on and explosives hidden in the important places 
Check mode: check the room and corners around the important places one by one and the key sampling positions can be centered on the places to which the hands can touch, such as door handle, light switch and so on. 



1. Personal detection
ETW-360 is sufficiently sensitive to the vestige of the explosives对which are detected from the human body and its quickness and accuracy make it applicable to the checkpoint and random inspection. 

2. Vehicle detection
When the exploder is loaded and transported, the vehicle body will be inevitably polluted by the explosives, thus a large number of explosive molecules will be attached to it. In such case, the pollution is so common that ETW-360 can easily complete sampling and detection even the detection head does not touch it. 

3. Detection of the Improvised Exploder 
ETW-360 can detect the gas emitted from the improvised exploder and the small size can guarantee that it can be assembled onto the automatic platform which can be operated remotely. And the detection of the bomb producer can guarantee that we can find the improvised exploder at the beginning. 

4. Detection of Evidence Obtaining 
The high sensitivity of ETW-360 and internal memory provide strong support for its application in terms of forensic pathology. The evidence obtaining personnel can carry out the sampling detection for the vehicle of the suspect or suspicious bomb production device even the suspects themselves and these results can be stored and printed to provide evidence for the investigation of the prosecutor. 

5. Cargo Detection 
The use of the trace detection technology of gas phase detection can greatly enhance our capacity to detect the hidden explosives, thus ETW-360 can be effectively used to the security check of the cargoes, posts and luggage.

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Tel: 0086-0512-36807196
Phone: 0086-18912653120