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Underground Gold Metal Detector

Underground Gold Metal Detector

Underground Metal Detector

1. The use of imported original circuit board and imported movement, the choice of high-quality components, it has a precise positioning, resolution, easy to operate features such as the detector for gold and silver, copper and iron, tin and other metals can be detected, and On the cover of these metals above the soil, rocks. Wood and other substances can penetrate.

2. Underground metal detector is mainly used to detect and identify buried metal in the ground.

3. Detector is used in low-frequency, thus avoiding the Capacitance effect and high sensitivity.

4. Detector built-in speakers and external headphones; making its procedures more simple.

5. Widely used: archaeological, prospecting; underground metal artifacts buried longer, the stronger the electromagnetic signal.

6. The use of the latest electromagnetic ultrasound: found buried in the ground of gold and silver treasures and metal



Code: ETWMD3010II015


Product Description

Underground metal detector machine MD-3010II,has 3 operation modes: ALL, DISC, TARGET. All of them are motion modes. You have to move the search coil to find your target.


Technical Specification

Power Supply

6PCS AA battery(not including)

Operating Voltage

7.1-9.6 VDC


30mA - 50mA


7.5KHz±1 KHz


>13cm (Tested by one US quarter coin)

Operation modes



8" waterproof search coil


One-tone audio

Detected indication

Meter indicator  


ferrous and non-ferrous


2  year


1 Fully automatic :Just turn on and then go to detect metal.

2 Zero Motion Targeting Function:Precisely locate a target.

3 All Metal: Push-key switch and identifying switch are made of metal. These particularly provide more convenience to the user.

4 No Clumsy Slack Cable: hidden search coil cable (connecting between control unit and search coil) avoid entangling and for ease of stem length adjustment.

5 Low Battery Alarm: Automatic audio alarm and red power spot efficiently remind the user to change the battery in time.

6 Headphone Jack: Provide headphone connection. Double stereo or mono headphone can be used.

7 Waterproof Search Coil: Could be used in the shallow water area.

8 Stem is adjustable: The length of detector is adjustable. The micro-plug which connects the search coil and the controller unit is made of metal, which makes the plug more reliable.

9 Armrest and Stem: Designed to reduce the stress on forearm after holding the detector for long time.


Target Identity

  • The detected objects are shown on the LCD display. You can decide immediately whether the objects are worth to be recovered .

  • Unwanted Target Elimination - You can set the detector does not respond to some objects.

  • 3Unique Tone for Target - You dont have to keep looking at the LCD display, when there is an object being detected, an

  • unique tone corresponding to a target will generate. You may even search when there is little or no light.

  • High performance underground  metal detector for gold metal finder

Company Profile

Kunshan Sanxun Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of security product,such as walk through metal detectors, hand held metal detector , food metal detector, Underground Metal Detector ect. located in Kunshan city, Jiangsu Province(Only 30 km from the port of Shanghai). Since the establishment, our factory has built a set of strict quality assurance system and successfully passed ISO9001 certification, CE certification, FCC certification. Our work shop has brought in two advanced automatic security product production lines.Over the past years of efforts, our company has gained great development with more than 20 technicians. 

Upholding the concept of "All Security Imaginations Can Be Created.",we use high-quality materials from USA and Germany and apply advanced. We have built up great selling network and service organization in dozens of countries and areas around the world, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa. 

To serve all our customers better, we established our international market department . Our professional sales team will always offer the fastest delivery, best shipment, perfect after sale service to all our customers. 

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Tel: 0086-0512-36807196
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