Production of metal detectors since 2005

All security equipment has passed ISO 9001, CE, FCC, ROHS certification.


Walk Through Metal Detector Door

Walk Through Metal Detector Door


Brand:Exploration of the word

Code: ETW8206D0014


Product Description

Product introduction:

Walk through metal detectors are mainly used in airports, railway stations, large conferences and other large public places to check the human body hidden metal objects, such as guns, control tools and so on.

Product features:
1.6 detection zones, more accurate detection.
2.The sensitivity of each zone can be adjusted from 0 to 199,suitable for all kinds of places.
3.Alarm mode and more,each zone can be alarmed by LED light and sound.
4.System security,can only be operated by authorized person who has password.
5.Safety and environmental protection,harmless to people and person such as pregnant women、
persons with pacemaker etc,and floppy disk 、tapes and other magnetic material.



110V~220V AC  50/60Hz  




62 KGS


67 KGS

Outer Dimension


Inner Dimension


Work Environment

For indoor  or outdoor use

Work Temperature

-20℃ ~  +65℃

Product Name

Airport security Walkthrough metal detector body scanner

Company profile

Kunshan Sanxun Electronics Technology Co., Ltd

Kunshan Sanxun Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of security product,such as walk through metal detectors,hand held metal detector ,x ray baggage scanner,food metal detector ect. located in Kunshan city, Jiangsu Province(Only 30 km from the port of Shanghai). 
Since the establishment, our factory has built a set of strict quality assurance system and successfully passed ISO9001 certification, CE certification,FCC certification. Our work shop has brought in two advanced automatic security product production lines.Over the past years of efforts, our company has gained great development with more than 20 technicians. 
Upholding the concept of "All Security Imaginations Can Be Created.",we use high-quality materials from USA and Germany and apply advanced.
Our brand "Sanxun" was founded in 2005 and during these 13 years, "Sanxun"  is well accepted by customers from both at home and abroad. We have built up great selling network and service organization in dozens of countries and areas around the world, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa. 
To serve all our customers better, we established our international market department . Our professional sales team will always offer the fastest delivery, best shipment, perfect after sale service to all our customers. 
"Sanxun" has won famous and popular reputation with our good quality. We will always strive to make all of our customers satisfied and we will always make you believe one world, one "Sanxun".



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